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New Book Uses Minecraft To Teach Programming Skills


Right now, programmers are some of the highest-paid workers in America, and their skills are growing more important by the year as more and more of life becomes reliant on computers and computer technology. Someone thought, “if kids are into Minecraft, maybe I can use the game to start them on the path to coding.” That someone was Craig Richardson, who has now published Learn To Program With Minecraft, a 320-page book that releases this week.

While you can do a lot with the GUI interface, it’s also possible to manipulate the Minecraft world with Python code, which the book teaches step by step. “My book makes learning to program accessible and engaging for people of all ages,” says Richardson. “Parents and teachers know how valuable it is to learn how to program, but add the fun and creativity of Minecraft while giving your player superpowers, and who can resist? Learn to Program with Minecraft shows readers how to take control of Minecraft with programming, and it’s really exciting for kids to see a pyramid or palace appear in their Minecraft world out of nothing more than a few lines of code.”

According to Richardson the book teaches kids how to do the following using only their keyboards:

·        Teleport their players using variables
·        Create palaces, pillars, pyramids, and pixel art using for loops
·        Stack blocks and build spectacular spires in record time with math
·        Unlock the chat feature and write secret messages to their friends
·        Blast craters, open secret passages, and cast spells to transform blocks
·        Duplicate entire villages, castles, and acres of Minecraft countryside

Learn To Program With Minecraft is out now from No Starch Press and costs $29.95. If this price is too steep, we’re sure your local library will be stocking a few copies.

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