Biggest Minecraft (Console) Update EVER, Says Microsoft


Today on their XBox blog, Microsoft bragged they were launching their biggest console-specific Minecraft update EVER. This update adds a lot of the content that debuted on the PC version not too long ago, including the all-important addition of random bunnies in the field. There are also new areas, new types of blocks and fresh flowers, as well as new interactive content like the new Ocean Monuments where rare treasures can be won if you’re good enough.

From the Redwood forests of Mega-Taiga to the vastness of the Deep Ocean, you’ll get to build, play and explore new biomes that offer a great canvas for your creations. The update also brings new blocks like Granite, Red Sandstone, Sea Lanterns, Slime and Packed Ice to consoles, as well as beautiful gardens of Blue Orchids, Sunflowers, Azure Bluets, Tulips, Lilacs, and other florid content.

If you’re more into embarking on fantastic adventures in your worlds, fear not – we have you covered. The update includes subaquatic Ocean Monuments where Elder Guardians await to test your courage. Rare materials and treasure chambers await those who dare enter.

Also, there are rabbits now. We can’t forget the bunnies! Watch out though – they’re hungry and will eat your crops.

This update also adds a tutorial world for those playing Minecraft for the first time. It’s all free too — nothing to pay for, nothing to unlock. The update launches today for the console versions of Minecraft. Except Wii U (dangit).


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