New Book May Help Parents Understand Minecraft’s Appeal


Polygon has published a review of Block City: How to Build Incredible Worlds in Minecraft, a new heavy picture-filled coffee table book about Minecraft, the people who enjoy it and the things they create with it.

The reviewer mentions that Minecraft is particularly popular among children, and not so much among their parents. Said parents struggle to comprehend the appeal of the game, somehow forgetting all those years when they were playing with Legos for hours on end.

Block City assumes the reader knows nothing about Minecraft going in, and gradually introduces them to the gameplay mechanics, and then opens up to lavish galleries of buildings, models and elaborate creations people have made with the game. The hope is that, by the end, the parent will not only gain perspective on what Junior is spending his time with, but possibly try out some Minecrafting him/herself.

Block City is well crafted, thoughtful and valuable for both veterans of the game and those coming to it for the first time. While not explicitly written for kids, Block City represents an opportunity to bridge the gap between generations by starting conversations.

By discussing what is possible in the game, Block City has the potential to help young players talk to their parents about their virtual lives — and vice versa.

Block City will be available for purchase on May 12.

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