Mojang Says ‘Nothing’s Really Changing’ After Microsoft Buys Minecraft


Worried about what will happen to Minecraft after Microsoft buys Mojang? Mojang’s Chief Operating Officer, Vu Bui, tried to reassure Minecraft fans in a recent interview with the BBC.

Bui said that although some changes may happen in the future, the company will still continue with its core principles such as seeking fan feedback, allowing fans freedom to use Minecraft as they want and being open about updates to the game as it has been in the past.

“Nothing’s really changing,”Bui said. ” We have no plans on anything changing and, of course, I can’t talk about the deal and I don’t know everything but we’re still here, the game’s still here and it’s business as usual.”

Bui said Mojang’s goal is to keep Minecraft a player-driven experience.

“Maintaining that original culture is really difficult,” he said. “It’s a culture which respects the community and allows that community to do what they want with the game and make it theirs.

“It is absolutely our intention, as it always has been, to continue with that,” he added.

Bui said trying to control what people do with Minecraft is the wrong approach.

“People are at their most creative sometimes when you just let them do what they want,” said Mr Bui. “You have to give them guidelines, but for the most part if you let people be creative they will come up with cooler stuff than we ever could ourselves.”

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