Minecraft Console Edition

Minecraft Vita Out Oct. 14


It was originally supposed to release in August and was held back to fix bugs, but better late than never.

Sony has confirmed that Minecraft will be out for PlayStation Vita on the PlayStation Store Tuesday, Oct. 14 in the U.S., with a retail version coming Nov. 11.

Minecraft Vita

The Vita version costs $19.99 and is a Cross-Play and Cross-Buy title with the PS3 version. That means your world saves will transfer between the PS3 and Vita versions and:

• If you already own the PS3 version, disc or digital, you’ll automatically get a digital copy Minecraft Vita through the PlayStation Store.

• If you buy the digital Vita version after Oct. 14 you get a free copy of the PS3 version and the chance to also get a PS4 copy for $4.99. The PS4 version’s saves are not compatible with the other versions.

•If you buy the retail Vita version after Nov. 11, you’ll get a voucher in the box to add digital PS3 and Vita versions and you’ll get the same offer to upgrade to PS4 for $4.99.

•If you own or buy the PS4 version, you get nothing, sorry.

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