Minecraft Servers Look So Busy From Above


Look at all the tiny Minecraft people, going about their tiny Minecraft days.

A tilt-shift is a popular photographic technique that uses angles and selective focus and is often used to create the effect that something being looked down on above is actually a miniature. It can be faked digitally, as Kaybl3 has done in this video to create what look like tiny bustling Minecraft worlds.

Kaybl3 used the technique to take videos of popular multiplayer servers. Combined with speeding up the action and a bunch of mods to make things look pretty, the overall effect marries extreme cuteness with extreme business that amplifies the cuteness, creating a kind of cuteness loop from which no one can escape.

If you play on one of the more popular servers you might even be in one of these videos, just another tiny Minecraft person, going about your tiny Minecraft day.

Image from Reddit

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