Minecraft PS4 Finished


PlayStation 4 gamers can begin excitedly jumping up and down now.

4J Studios, the company behind the console ports of Minecraft, said on Twitter that the PlayStation 4 version is done. Finito. Ready-to-go.

“We’ve handed Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition over to Sony for final test!” the studio tweeted, along with the snazzy picture above featuring some famous PlayStation characters.

But what about the Xbox One and Vita versions?

“We’re still bug fixing #MinecraftXbox1 and #MinecraftPSVita. We’ll give you news when we have it,” 4J tweeted.

The new console versions of Minecraft are all scheduled to be released in August, but no definite date has been set so far. I would not expect the PS4 version to be released first simply because it was finished first, they’ll probably still all come out on the same day. But it’s a good sign that it’s done.

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