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Minecraft Now Has Limited Cross-Platform Play


Nearly one year ago, Microsoft bought Minecraft developer Mojang, mainly (it was revealed later) for the purposes of having Minecraft become an Oculus Rift exclusive. People worried about the fact that Minecraft was on multiple consoles and outlets and wondered if those days were coming to an end. So far, aside from a few exclusive DLCs that MS-branded machines have gotten first, Microsoft’s been playing nice.

And this may be the nicest gesture yet, even if it’s not complete. Now you can build worlds together with a friend despite working from separate devices…and those devices don’t have to be Microsoft-made. The PC, iOS, Windows Phone, and Android versions of Minecraft can now communicate with each other, allowing for co-op play across platforms.

This would be even more impressive if consoles were included in the deal, but it’s not a bad start, and nothing says that isn’t coming later (note that Microsoft has not hinted at such a thing yet). Cross-platform play is now live and supports up to five people playing at once.

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