THIS Is A Minecraft Map, No Fooling


Believe it or not, this incredibly gorgeous and detailed landmass was created with Minecraft blocks. Many, many, many Minecraft blocks.

The map’s full name is “Phain, Or Game Board Of The Ancients.” It was created by Darastlix, who’s made a few other stunning Minecraft maps before — this is his sixth. This aerial view shows how the entire area is made up of hexagons, which themselves make up four large sub-zones. Its hexagonal look (and name) was inspired by RPG game boards, specifically Endless Legend.

Darastlix says that Phain took over 400 hours of labor and over a year to complete in its entirety. And even better, it’s fully functional in Survival Mode, so you can wander around it. To help you navigate the large area, Darastlix has placed teleporting obelisks in specific locations around the world.

So what are you waiting for? Download the map here and get to roaming!

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