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Minecraft Halo Mash-Up Pack Screens


These new screens of the upcoming Minecraft Halo Mashup Pack for the Xbox 360 show that’s it a lot more than a Master Chief skin. You’ve got your space marines, vehicles, alien technology, and that looks a bit like Guilty Spark, to me.

According to playxbla.com, the new pack will feature an “exclusive Halo-themed texture set, Halo-themed menus & user interface, new-look items inspired by Halo, 40 character skins, and many music tracks from across the Halo series.”

The pack also includes a pre-made world, featuring some “classic Halo locations like Blood Gulch, Sandtrap and Valhalla, among many others.”

No release date or price has been announced for the pack.






[Source: PlayXBLA.com]

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