Minecraft Creators Crafting a Fortune


Diamond House

Could Minecraft creator Notch build a real-life house out of diamonds if he wanted? Probably not, but he might be getting close. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mojang’s Minecraft profits are going through the roof, even after five years.

Mojang raked in 816 million Swedish kronor ($128 million) last year, up from 325 million kronor in 2012. Revenue soared 38% to 2.07 billion kronor, the company told The Wall Street Journal. Mojang is a privately held company and will soon publish its full figures with Swedish regulators.

According to the article, Minecraft is popular despite sticking to its guns and asking people to pay $27 per download on a PC or $20 for a console-based gaming device, and $7 for the mobile version. Enough people think the experience is worth it for it to remain a big success.

“Usually with games, you would start to expect a decline after the first year since launch,” said Minecraft Chief Executive Carl Manneh in an interview. “That’s never really happened for us.”

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