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Microsoft Won’t Crack Down on YouTubers, Vita Version ‘Should’ Get a Release


Xbox head Phil Spencer had some good news for Minecraft YouTubers today.

Microsoft will not be cracking down on those who use Minecraft to make videos, he tweeted, acknowledging their role in Minecraft’s popularity.

“Minecraft YouTubers, you’re a great part of Minecraft’s success and we have no plans to change what you’re doing once we close the deal,” Spencer tweeted.

That’s the good news, but another Spencer statement is more worrying.

I had, optimistically, taken it as a given that even though Microsoft bought Minecraft, the nearly complete PlayStation Vita version by 4J Studios was still coming out.

So it’s a little weird to hear less than certain take on the matter. Spencer was asked if Minecraft was coming to Vita on Twitter. This was his response.

“Mojang deal isn’t closed so I have no input now but I think Minecraft should ship on Vita,” Spencer tweeted.

I remain optimistic. The game was shown this week at Tokyo game show and it would be a huge waste to can it. But I would have liked something a little more concrete and reassuring.

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