Microsoft Promises 10-Year-Old Minecraft Fan it Won’t Mess Up Her Favorite Game


Sabrina Lane is just 10, but even she can see that corporate buyouts aren’t always good for consumers.

That’s why she wrote a letter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, begging Microsoft to not screw up the game. You can read the full thing on Fortune, but here’s an excerpt.

So I’ve heard the news that Microsoft might buy Minecraft, one of my favorite games. Kids like me — and teens — love the game, so I have a message for you and everyone at Microsoft: please don’t change it!

People like me love Minecraft the way it is — educational (parents really like that part), and really fun.

Minecraft is educational because you have to earn your stuff. If you want milk, you milk a cow. If you want diamonds, you start mining, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find some.

Perhaps trying to show Microsoft is not the unfeeling software monolith it seems to be, Xbox head Phil Spencer took time to respond. Here’s part of his letter.

One of the best things for me is that I see so many people making great things in Minecraft. I have this dream that a bunch of new game creators are learning and building their very first “game” using Minecraft. It is really cool that you can create whatever you want – in the real world or using your imagination to make your own world. As a fan of the game, you know that the possibilities are endless. You never know, Sabrina, if you study hard and keep creating, you might create your own Minecraft one day!

I want you to know that we plan to keep all the things that people love about Minecraft the same. We will look for ways to make Minecraft better with more opportunities for players to play, connect and share together.

Yeah, it’s cute, but it also may be a good sign that Microsoft understands the public relations issues at stake here and may not make too many drastic changes that will anger fans.

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