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Massive Minecraft Titan City Nears Completion


If you have trouble making a mud hut that doesn’t appear lopsided, this is not going to make you feel better about yourself.

Fox Gaming has nearly completed his massive Titan City building project. It took two years and includes 4.5 million blocks, all of which he placed by hand. Because he built the whole thing on an Xbox 360.

“When it was started, all I had was the Xbox 360 version. MC wouldn’t work on my Mac for some reason but recently I got a PC for college and now I have it on both,” Fox Gaming said on Reddit.

Titan City is based on Pre-911 New York City, and includes its own version of the World Trade Center Twin Towers. When the city is “finished” on Xbox 360, Fox Gaming plans to move it permanently to PC and make it even larger. It should grow a lot faster, too, because he’ll be able to use PC tools to make the structures instead of placing each block by hand.

Wanna walk around in it? You can download it here for PC and here for Xbox 360.


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