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The Gear VR Version Of Minecraft Is Coming Out….Now


Mojang is just full of surprises, aren’t they? They announced a version of Minecraft for the Samsung Gear VR would be a reality sometime in 2016, but they didn’t say when. Now, without any prior warning or announcement, here it is. It’s available today!

Granted, this news will affect very little of you, given the VR device’s miniscule install base. But it does mean Minecraft can, as of today, be experienced in virtual reality by consumers. Here’s Mojang’s trailer for the surprise release:

Minecraft For Gear VR is now on the Oculus Store for $6.99, but that’s just part of the expense: it requires the gamepad peripheral (sold separately from the goggles) to play it. Anything the regular version of Minecraft can do, the Gear VR version can do, including multiplayer. There are two viewpoints available: theater mode and a first-person mode that puts you right into your own worlds.

Maybe one of these decades you’ll have your own VR headset and will be able to experience this. Until then, start sucking up to any aristocratic uncles you have.

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