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Functional Cell Phone Built In Minecraft


Is this something or what? You’re looking at a fully functional cell phone built into the Minecraft world. Not only can it really take calls, it’s capable of video conferencing and it can browse the Internet (though good luck making anything out). It was shown off during a video by Jordan Maron, aka “CaptainSparklez,” one of the most popular Minecraft streamers.

There is one element to this you might consider “cheating.” This wasn’t created by a modder or a single man working for months. It was created by a team at Verizon, with the intent of attracting attention to their company — yep, it’s technically an ad. But it’s a pretty clever ad — they knew exactly what would attract attention. And it’s a cool creation too, no matter what the circumstances were behind it. According to Verizon:

In the world of Minecraft, almost everything is made of blocks. We’ve created a web application, Boxel, that translates real web pages and streaming video into blocks so they can be built on a Minecraft server in real time. Our server plugin uses Boxel-client to handle the communication between Minecraft and the real world as translated by the web application.

Where is the peak? Someday, you realize, we’re going to get to the point where sentient life is created in Minecraft.

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