Making Minecraft Videos? Best To Avoid The Mario Mash-Up

The Minecraft Mario Mash-Up add-on was recently made available to all Wii U Minecrafters, free of charge. Perhaps because they’ll be paying another way? Reports have started coming in of Mario-related Minecraft videos being tagged on YouTube with copyright claims by Nintendo. The unlucky ones who get this tag have a choice: either take the […]

All Things Super Mario Coming To Minecraft — Officially

Today Nintendo announced the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack is coming to the Wii U version of Minecraft. This update adds 40 new Super Mario-themed skins encompassing characters from across the Mushroom Kingdom, including all seven Koopalings and probably Petey Piranha somewhere. (Don’t give your hopes up for Geno; you’ll have to create him from scratch.) […]

Minecraft On Wii U Updated With Free DLC Content

Microsoft and Mojang seem to be saving the biggest updates for the Windows 10 version of the game (no surprise there) but they haven’t forgotten the Nintendo faithful…at least not recently. A major update was announced for the Wii U version of the game today, and most of the new content is free! Players of […]

Original Minecraft Clears 22 Million Copies Sold

The original Minecraft (the PC/Mac version) reached a new milestone over New Years’ weekend as the official counter of copies sold rolled over 22 million. According to Mojang, developers of the now-iconic block-building game, almost 14,500 copies of Minecraft have been sold in the last 24 hours alone. This is, of course, just the PC […]

Wii U Minecraft Might Not Use The Gamepad, But It DOES Have….

Still sore over Mojang’s revelation yesterday that the Wii U version of Minecraft will not be utilizing the only reason to make a Wii U version of Minecraft? There is some good news. If a listing on the Japanese Nintendo eShop is to be believed, this version WILL be getting some functions and features not […]

The Wii U Edition Of Minecraft….Um….Doesn’t Use The Gamepad

Well, this is the most baffling thing I’ve heard all week. Mojang developer Owen Hill was answering questions on his Twitter account today, and he was asked if the upcoming, long-overdue Wii U version of Minecraft would use the Gamepad as an inventory screen like everyone assumed it was going to. His response? “Not at […]

Minecraft Comes To Wii U December 17

It took a ridiculously long time, but finally — on the eve of the NX — Minecraft will be released for the Wii U later this month. The gamepad has great potential as a Minecraft controller, more so than any other console controller, so why did it take THIS long for the game to come […]

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