Minecraft Wii U Edition

The Wii U Edition Of Minecraft….Um….Doesn’t Use The Gamepad


Well, this is the most baffling thing I’ve heard all week.

Mojang developer Owen Hill was answering questions on his Twitter account today, and he was asked if the upcoming, long-overdue Wii U version of Minecraft would use the Gamepad as an inventory screen like everyone assumed it was going to. His response? “Not at the moment, sorry. It’s just used as an alternate screen if someone is using the TV. Would be cool though.”

You had ONE JOB, guys.

It’s doubtful any educated person is going to buy Wii U Minecraft now, and Microsoft can use the low sales to justify never bringing the game to the NX (which may have been their plan all along, mwahaha). How exactly a developer looks at an obvious feature and then thinks “That would have been cool, oh well, too bad it’ll never happen” even though he is the one person who has the ability to add it….is completely lost on me.

Fans are now bombarding that tweet with angry comments and demanding answers, Hill has yet to respond again.

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