Minecraft Console Edition

Xbox One Minecraft Out Friday


The long wait is nearly over, and you’ll be able to play a shiny new version of Minecraft on your Xbox One’s before the end of the week.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox One edition launches on Friday. It’ll cost $19.99, but if you already have the disc or download Xbox 360 version you can upgrade for just $4.99. All the DLC you’ve purchased for the Xbox 360 Minecraft will be available for you to redownload for the new version for free.

Why should you upgrade? The new version has a few significant perks, like worlds that are 36 times larger and longer draw distances.

PlayStation 4 owners might not have much longer to wait, either. Console version makeer 4J Studos re-tweeted a post from Mojang’s Daniel Kaplan that said “And Sony friends – you will get a Minecraft surprise soon..or maybe sooner?! ;)” Just a few minutes ago Kaplan posted a screenshot of the PS4 menu screen with a message that said “Almost there.”

There are also reports the PS4 version of the game briefly popped up on PSN and was taken down. The PlayStation Vita version might be a bit longer in coming, as 4J Studos’ last word on it was that they were still bug fixing before sending it to Sony.

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