Wow: Entire Grand Theft Auto V Map Being Recreated In Minecraft


For over a year now, a team of Minecrafters has been working in secret, pulling together the massive task of reproducing the entire Grand Theft Auto V map, with EVERYTHING, in Minecraft. It was started in January 2015 and is now quite huge.

The finished project will include the entire area, including every building and street in Los Santos and the mountains of Blaine County. In the end it will be 7,500 by 7,500 blocks large, or a total of 56,250,000 blocks measured on ground level (if we included the Z axis, millions more blocks would be added).

You can track the project through the YouTube channel of its leader: N11ck. He’s put out a number of videos over the past few months charting his progress, but it didn’t go viral until recently.

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