Do You Wanna’ Build a Giant Ice Palace? A Minecraft Tribute to Frozen


 Frozen Ice Palace

Now here’s something to thaw your frozen heart. The Ice Palace from Disney’s Frozen, remade in Minecraft. Looks like it would be a bit of a chilly residence, but the cold never bothered me anyway.

Frozen Ice Palace Front Gate

For the first time in forever I’m really impressed with a Disney Minecraft project. This project was created by CMKMStephens, and it doesn’t sound like it was easy. And, yeah, it’s technically glass.

“To build the Ice Palace, you kill the skeletons to get the bones to get the bonemeal to plant in a swamp to get the light blue flowers to add to the glass make the stained glass….x1000’s. Painful,” CMKMStephens said on Reddit.

Frozen Ice Palace Interior

Nope, no download link just yet, you’ll just have to let it go for now.

Check out more pics here:

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