Turkish Government Investigates Violence in Minecraft


Do you think Minecraft encourages you to be violent? Do you think it specifically encourages you to be violent against women?

That’s an odd assumption to make about a game that’s so clearly abstract and blocky, but Turkey’s Family Ministry is looking into it anyway, according to the Hurriyet Daily News, and English-language paper covering Turkey.

The paper says the ministry has received several complaints the violence in the game, especially violence against women, and if they find it to be founded it could set Minecraft up for a country-wide ban.

Hopefully, however, when they investigate they’ll quickly see that Minecraft is not a violent misogynist game. There is violence, pigs especially have it rough, but it is cartoonish violence at its worst and about as gender neutral as possible. Most Minecraft mobs, witches excluded, don’t have an identifiable I suppose you can put anything in the game with mods and skins, but it would be difficult to hold Mojang responsible for those.

What do you think, is Minecraft too violent?

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