Star Wars Rebels Skin Pack Now Out on Xbox


Xbox players can now expand their Star Wars universe with a pack of skins based on the Star Wars Rebels animated series.

The $2.99 skin pack adds 23 characters from the Cartoon Network show to the mix, and would be a good companion to the Star Wars Classic skin pack released in November. Although you might have to invoke time travel or something to explain how some of the characters meet, since Rebels is set slightly before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

The pack is out for Xbox and Xbox 360. No word on when it’s coming to PlayStation consoles.

Characters in the pack include:

Ezra Bridger
Kanan Jarrus
Hera Syndulla
Zeb Orrelios
Sabine Wren
Agent Kallus
AT-DP Pilot
Stormtrooper Commander
Stormtrooper Tagged
Cikatro Vizago
IGRM Droid Variant 1
IGRM Droid Variant 2
Lothal Farmer
Minister Maketh Tua
Ezra Bridger Imperial Cadet
Commandant Aresko
Senator Gall Trayvis

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