Riding Across Minecraft in a Minecart, All of It


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Well, this is fascinating. JL2579 is riding across an entire Minecraft world in a minecart, and he’s streaming it live on Twitch.

Since a Minecraft world is the equivalent of thirty thousand kilometers, more than twice the diameter of the earth, it’s going to take about 17 days to make it. Fortunately JL2576 is riding in style in his cart and has selected some chill music to keep him company.

This project is not a vanilla Minecraft world, that wouldn’t work. It’s pre-generated, and precautions have been made to keep the cart from getting derailed. JL2576 explains his process:

“I set up command blocks to clone a template bridge pillar in the spawnchunks in front of the last bridge pier when a minecart would ride over them. I also added some fancy overhang and Mountain detection to add tunnel segments when the track goes through an Extreme Hill. Then I let several instances of Minecraft run from different starting points at the same time with the help of some friends from zipkrowd, and together we were able to generate the chunks within few days.

The rails and the world are therefore pregenerated, because the terrain and the bridge generation caused massive lag and would have ruined the smooth ride :)”

Some further explanation of the project was posted to Reddit by the user Killerpenguin25.

  • No, he won’t press f3, that would ruin the view, and the view is the reason for the stream
  • There is a death ray in front of the minecart, no animals will turn him around
  • Lava and water will not be on the track, it is pregenerated
  • The track is pregenerated
  • No it isn’t on a loop, there are so many arguments against that
  • Pier=Pillar
  • Tping to the edge of the map ruins the point of the stream
  • No, JL isn’t sitting at his computer for 17 days straight
  • When the game freezes up, it is most likely not a crash, just saving the world.
  • Yes, Kurt knows
  • Yes there are no farlands, but no that is not even mentioned in the FAQ or title
  • 17 days
  • No not minecraft days
  • Look in the top right!
  • No there is no point to this

I like the last one. There’s not a point to it, besides being pretty, but what it represents is the amazing possibility of Minecraft. And that’s definitely something that means a lot to a lot of people. So chill out and watch for a while here:

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