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Put a Working Hard Drive In Your Minecraft World


Minecraft runs on a computer using a hard drive. This is a hard drive inside your Minecraft world. Is someone going to eventually build a full computer within Minecraft and run Minecraft on it?

Cody Littley built this hard drive in vanilla Minecraft. It holds a tiny kilobyte of data, but it works.

“When I built the the device, I didn’t have anything in mind that I wanted to store on it, I built it for the sake of the challenge,” he told Wired. “A surprisingly large number of commentators on Reddit think I should store 1KB of porn on it.”

If he did, Littley would have to enter each byte of that porn data by hand. But it could be done.

Unfortunately, there is a bit of a limit to how complex your machines in Minecraft can be, and it all comes down to draw distance, Littley said. The game simply won’t render things too far away.

“If I were to build a computer that was a million square miles, the game would pout and refuse to simulate it for me,” he says. “Also, the circuitry never really gets smaller, people just build bigger things with it.”

So no full computer, at least, not unless Mojang increases the draw distance massively. Littley also points out that the average seek time to retrieve data is between six and seven minutes, and joked on Reddit that “the heat death of the universe” would happen before a virtual Minecraft computer built using this method could boot.

You can read an explanation of how the hard drive works here or download the world file here.

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