Presenting The Largest Lego Minecraft Set Ever: The Village


Since Lego and Minecraft are such similar pursuits, it was only natural that they merge, and they did so last year with the first Lego Minecraft sets. The sets have only grown in immensity since then, and this is the biggest set ever: The Village, consisting of rainforest, desert, and snow biomes, along with many buildings such as a library, watchtower, and a marketplace.

Populating the scenery are several minifigures, including the essential Steve, Alex (the female Steve introduced recently), a zombie, a zombie villager, a Creeper, a librarian, a farmer, a pig, a piglet, an enderman, and an iron golem. And it can get even bigger: it’s made to fit seamlessly in with the previous Lego Minecraft sets, as well as others that have yet to come out. You can grow an entire world in your basement like Will Ferrell!

The set is composed of a whopping 1,600 pieces, all of which need to be fit together. It’ll go on sale June 1 and set the average consumer back $200.

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