Notch Holds Awesome Housewarming Party at His Awesome $70 Million Mansion


Check this out. This is what your enthusiasm for Minecraft has bought the man who created it.

After cashing out by selling Mojang to Microsoft for $2.5 billion, Markus “Notch” Persson bought a $70 million mansion in Beverly Hills as casually as you or I might purchase a new pair of shoes. Recently, he invited a bunch of his celebrity friends over for a housewarming party.

In pics from you can see Selena Gomez, Respawn Entertainment founder Vince Zampella, Double Fine founder and Adventure Game Legend Tim Schafer, DJ/Producer Zedd and others just hanging out, enjoying Notch’s candy room and other awesome amenities. Also, geek icon Felicia Day was there, judging from her Twitter.

We’ve included a few of the pics below. You can check out a full gallery on

And for goodness’ sake kids, take some computer programming classes.

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