New Minecraft Texture Pack Available


If Minecraft is too dark, your only option was once to adjust the brightness settings on your monitor. But now you have a second choice! For 99 cents, a new pastel-themed texture pack for console versions of Minecraft (sorry, PC and tablet) will bright-wash your Minecraft experience in Easter-appropriate springtime colors.

The interesting thing about this is, it’s coming out for all console versions of Minecraft simultaneously, including the consoles that don’t say “XBox” on them. The Playstation 4 is receiving the pack at the same time, squashing — or at least partially deflating — the common belief that from this point forward, the Microsoft-owned Minecraft will get release DLC on XBox first and PS4 later, if ever.

This DID happen with the Simpsons texture pack and the Mass Effect 3 texture pack, but not with this one. You could make the claim that since it has no licensed characters MS doesn’t see it as valuable to keep exclusive, but…who knows, man. As a side note, the Mass Effect 3 pack is now available for PS4.

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