How Your Mom Actually Feels About Minecraft


She hates it. And you when you talk about it.

Here’s a funny, and brutally honest, piece from Linda Sharps about being the mom of a Minecraft player. Sharps is fine with her kids playing Minecraft, but she’s definitely tired of getting involved.

I’ve long given up on wrapping my head around the obsessive appeal of Minecraft. I mean, I sort of get it: it’s like LEGOs, an infinitely-expanding universe of things you can build and engage with. That’s cool. And even though Minecraft looks like it was made for the 1985-era Nintendo NES, well, who am I to criticize my children’s graphics preferences.

Still, my understanding and patience can only stretch so far. I’m glad my kids have found something they’re both into, and I’m pleased it’s Minecraft and not, like, Grand Theft Halo Call of Slaughter or whatever. But the problem with Minecraft is that kids aren’t just interested in it, they’re consumed by it. They want to play it all the time, and worse, they want to TALK about it all the time.

That’s where the whole “I love to watch you play” thing falls flat for me, because no. I salute your passion, child of mine, but I don’t want to talk about Minecraft. I don’t even want to give you the courtesy Mom “Mmm-hmm” when you blather on about it, because oh my god, that might encourage you.

Sharps list several annoying things her kids have said to her about Minecraft. Lots of mothers chimed in in the comments to say they felt the same way, too.

So, if you’re young enough for this to be relevant, maybe give mom a break?

Image “Minecraft Mom” by blackrock3

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