Mojang Zaps Back At Offensive Minecraft Username


Awhile back, a man who goes by the Reddit handle “jessemoforice” (let’s just call him Jesse M. Rice) found for unexplained reasons, he could no longer log back into his Minecraft account. In a fit of frustration, he created a new account and made the username “MojangSucks” followed by a specific body part. The anger subsided, but he kept using the name anyway.

Until last weekend, when he tried logging in and found his name had been changed to “NoWeDont.”

Jesse M. Rice took to Reddit with a screenshot of what had happened, and a support agent at Mojang named Marc Watson copped to the act. “I was actually looking for [usernames with those words], due to an unrelated report of harassment. Usually we let servers handle all moderation but it was a parent and a kid, and well, I was just covering some bases. I never did find the username they reported (they couldn’t remember the exact spelling), but I did find this gem. Glad OP was a good sport about it.”

Indeed, Jesse M. Rice wasn’t bitter (at least not as bitter as the last time he couldn’t log in). They had a good laugh over it.

Watson then explained that this kind of name changing is extremely rare for Mojang, even when they do run across offensive usernames. “Almost every time we will leave the name alone (even if it’s %mojang%) and leave it up to the servers to ban them. I prefer a light touch with a largely self-moderating community.”

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