Mojang Shows off Pre-Made Maps that Now Come With Realms


Minecraft Realms, Mojang’s own subscription-based Minecraft server hosting solution, lets you make your own Minecraft worlds from seeds, of course. But if you want to try out some community creations, Mojang is showing off several user-made maps it has now added to Realms.

Some of the many maps include: Color Cube, sort of a tactical minigame where players run around trying to “paint” the level their own color as the landscape changes to try to make them fall; Diamond Defender, which sends waves of creepers that you must stop from destroying your diamonds; and Pizza Spleef, shown in the video above, which is a Royal Rumble on top of a huge pizza.

You can check out more videos of the maps included with Realms, and find out about Realms itself, in Mojang’s full blog post.

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