Mojang Officially Announces Minecraft Name Changes


Bieberfan2011, your time has come. Your immature, poorly-chosen decisions can now be confined to the dustbin of history, thanks to a decision by Mojang.

Mojang has announced
that starting Feb. 4 you can change your Minecraft account name for free, as long as the name you change it to isn’t taken by someone else. You can also change just the capitalization of your name if you want.

Under the new system, players have to wait 30 days between username changes. If you change your name, your old name will stay off the market for 37 days. After that someone else can take it.

And changing your name won’t get you around a ban on a server, Mojang says, nor will it cause problems for whitelisted or oped players.

With the change Minecraft is also freeing up the old “unpaid” names from the time when you were able to register a Minecraft username before purchase. If you’ve got one of those names and want to keep it, you can buy it. Mojang have included instructions here.

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