Minecraft’s Windows 10 Update Is Out Today


Microsoft announced today that Mojang’s first big update to the popular Minecraft game in the year 2016 is downloadable now. This is the one with witches in it, remember?

Unfortunately the update only applies to the Windows 10 and mobile versions, with no word from the big company as to when this stuff will appear on any of the 10,000 other platforms Minecraft is on. What can I say? They really really want you to download Windows 10 so they can spy on you some more.

Microsoft boasted about the exclusive update on its XBox Wire blog. “With the Overworld Update, make more advanced mechanical contraptions with additional components, including comparators, repeaters, dispensers, droppers, hoppers and more. Stumble upon witch huts as you explore spooky swamps, and steal their unique potions to use for yourself. Other new gameplay elements include slime blocks, wearable pumpkins, and red sandstone.”

Along with this update, 15 new skins for the Redstone component are available in the Windows 10 and mobile versions. Two, the Composer and Artisan, are free, but the other 13 will cost a bit.

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