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Minecrafter Creates Beautiful Memorial to His Late Wife


Some of the things that Minecraft players create are impressive on their sheer scale. Some are impressive in their beauty. This one is both.

The Minecraft players known as “Gas Bandit” created this towering memorial to his late wife, Pauline, also known as “Chikii,” who died in 2013. The huge structure is topped by a representation of Pauline with a pickaxe and:

• Is 112m tall at the top of the pickaxe (elev level 176)

• Includes over 2700 redstone blocks (over 24,000 dust) for the hair alone

• Was built on the Halforums private vanilla minecraft server, no mods, hacks, or cheats

Lots of other players helped Gas Bandit by donating building materials.

The exterior is indeed impressive, but the interior chapel, lit by hundreds of torches and featuring an altar honoring Pauline, is the most moving.

Gas Bandit has asked people who are moved by the monument to contribute to the  Ovarian Cancer Research Fund at

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