Minecraft Console Edition

Minecraft for Xbox One Hits Brick-and-Mortar Retail Nov. 18


If you just can’t deal with the digital download future, or maybe you’ve got no internet at home and are presumably reading this from your local library, or if you simply like to collect physical objects, you can pick up the Xbox One version of Minecraft pressed onto a plastic disc and stuffed in a case Nov. 18, according to Microsoft.

The retail edition of Minecraft for Xbox One will cost $19.99 and have the same functionality as the out for a good while now digital edition, including bigger worlds than the Xbox 360 version and eight-player multiplayer. It’s a better option for those that don’t already own Minecraft on disc or digitally for the 360 because although you can upgrade from either 360 version to the Xbox One digital version for $4.99, there’s no upgrade plan for this version.

PS4 fans who want a physical copy instead of the already released digital edition will be able to satisfy that desire even earlier. The retail version of Minecraft for the PS4 is coming Oct. 7.

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