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Minecraft Story Mode Shall Continue Beyond Episode 5


Surprise! There was more to the Minecraft Story Mode narrative than Telltale Games originally thought. First planned to be just five episodes long, Telltale has announced the production of at least three additional chapters, bringing the total to eight. And from there, who knows?

What would have been the final chapter is about to be released in one week: Episode 5, Order Up!

In the upcoming Episode 5, on a tip from Ivor, Jesse and friends head to an abandoned temple holding mysterious treasures. Ambushed by former Ocelot Aiden and his crew, our heroes find themselves in an entirely new world: Sky City! As they explore, the Order finds that resources are at a premium, and nothing but ‘The Void’ exists below the known world. When Aiden convinces Sky City’s ruler that the New Order of the Stone are up to no good, you’ll need to make some tough choices to clear your name, and keep Aiden from destroying an innocent world.

Minecraft Story Mode stars Patton Oswalt or Catherine Taber as the main character Jesse (your choice), Paul Reubens as the villainous Ivor, Sean Astin as Reginald, and — to be introduced with Episode 5 — Melissa Hutchison as someone new. (Hutchison has lent her voice to Telltale before, playing a character in their Walking Dead series.)

Unfortunately these extra episodes will not be included in the Season Pass, so you’ll have to buy them as they come out. Episode 5 is within the Pass, and it will be released on March 29 for PC/Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS and Android.

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