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Minecraft ‘Horse’ Update Out on PS3 and Vita, Delayed for PS4


It’s more officially called Title Update 19, but we all know what the big draw is. Horses. Finally, for consoles.

Unless you have a PS4, where you’ll have to do without equestrian events for a while longer.

Title Update 19 was released last week for PS3 and Vita in North America as a Christmas Day present for gamers, but it’s still in testing for PS4. It was released the week before for Xbox 360 and Xbox One worldwide and PlayStation platforms in Europe.

Besides the long-awaited horses (plus mules and donkeys!) upgrades in the title update include colored clays, new mobs like the witch, bat and of course the Wither itself, beacons, hoppers and droppers, fireworks and more. You can find out more about what’s included in the update here.

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