Minecraft 1.8.3 Update Out Now, Fixes Major Bug


Mojang pushed out a brand new stability and performance update for Minecraft on PC yesterday. And that seriously broke the stability and performance of the game. So today they’ve pushed out an update fixing the update.

The 1.8.3 update fixes a “serious bug” that could cause crashes on world load, according to Mojang. You can update it through the Minecraft launcher, and you probably should.

The previous update made a few minor changes to the game and some performance improvements. We’ve reproduced the change log below:

1.8.2 Changelog:

Added & changed some minor things
Compatible with 1.8 servers

Performance tweaks
Decreased Hopper lag

New statistics
Cake slices eaten, Cauldrons filled, Water taken from Cauldrons, Armor pieces cleaned, Banners cleaned, Brewing Stand/Beacon/Dropper/Hopper/Dispenser/Noteblock/Flower Pot/Trapped Chest/Furnace/Crafting Table/Chest usage, items enchanted and Records played

A frame rate graph
Uses different colors to show different frame render times
Activated using alt+F3


Fixed many bugs
Fixed hostile mobs continuing to follow/attack players in spectator mode
Fixed explosion force on entities being directionally biased
Fixed explosion physics being wrong, causing the range of some TNT cannons to be reduced greatly
Fixed Fireballs flickering
Fixed non-moving Wither Skulls being invisible
Fixed Marker ArmorStands not allowing blocks to be placed inside them
Fixed chunks flickering on Intel HD Graphics
Fixed the world generator crashing when generating Pumpkins
Fixed the server console spamming “0”
Fixed using /setblock to set block entities with items in their inventory not updating Comparators adjacent to the block entity
Fixed a crash when dispensing Minecarts out of upside-down Dispensers onto Powered Rails* or Activator Rails
Fixed Hoppers sometimes not sucking in items above them
Fixed Hopper Minecarts acting like they were in a different position
Fixed a translation mistake related to Minecraft Realms
Fixed Arrows bouncing back visually before appearing at correct location
Fixed Arrows shot into the underside of blocks appearing black
Fixed Arrows sometimes falling off blocks before appearing in the correct position with wrong angle
Fixed entities going through Nether Portals crashing the game occasionally
Fixed Marker ArmorStands having a regular hitbox
Fixed Marker ArmorStands not showing any nametags
Fixed Torch particles and block breaking particles being too dark when under another block
Fixed ArmorStands moving when the Marker tag changes
Fixed the music on the credits screen not playing
Fixed corner Fences and corner Cobblestone walls with blocks next to them turning black without smooth lighting
Fixed Beds breaking blocks around them when placed inside Tall Grass
Fixed growing trees destroying blocks
Fixed items placed inside Beacons not being dropped or saved
Fixed Beacons not ignoring the Bedrock ceiling in the Nether
Fixed /tellraw crashing if clickEvent is an URL without “http://”
Fixed Beacons not working above a certain height
Fixed some crashes
Fixed keyboard input causing mouse inputs to seem stuttery or jerky
Fixed being able to mine blocks behind out of range entities
Fixed villages.dat storing player names instead of UUIDs
Fixed pre-existing Vines on east and west sides of blocks being rendered at the wrong face of the block if floating
Fixed the Glass Pane texture not being mirrored on one side
Fixed various particles being rendered with a certain offset at larger coordinates
Fixed Hoppers grabbing items from Minecarts that aren’t standing directly above them
Fixed the Mooshroom udders and Mushrooms being displayed incorrectly
Fixed being unable to select any of the previously created worlds in Java 8 on Windows 8
Fixed changing Ender Pearl owner not working
Fixed a Cocoa block texture bug
Fixed confusing mouse behavior relating to fullscreen mode
Fixed a Wither Skull duplication bug
Fixed /spawnpoint failing when directly on Pressure Plates or Signs
Fixed the multiplayer “Back To Title Screen” button actually going back to the server list
Fixed certain entities not being type-selectable/having a type
Fixed baby Cows being milkable
Fixed TNT not colliding with blocks placed above it when triggered
Fixed the /stats command not working on non-op players
Fixed enchanted Fishing Rods crafted with Carrots making enchanted Carrots on Sticks
Fixed player location markers being invisible on Maps

World Generation

Fixed a bug
Fixed Ocean Monuments generating with excess Water

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