Microsoft Shows Off Minecraft’s Augmented Reality Future


Microsoft plans to put bring Minecraft to your living room in a way you probably didn’t expect, as a virtual reality world that you can walk through and interact with.

Microsoft showed off its vision for Minecraft’s future at a Windows 10 event today. It ties Minecraft and other applications to HoloLens, a holographic headset that plops virtual objects and spaces down into real-world environments.

In addition to showing people working on projects and designs, a teaser video also shows someone interact with their Minecraft world in their living room, the world adapting itself to their furniture. It also shows a person breaking a virtual wall and seeing a Minecraft world on the other side.

This technology is probably a bit into the future, but not too far. HoloLens is a real protype that journalists have tried out.

So what do you think? Are you ready for a whole new level of immersion in your Minecraft? Let us know on our forums.

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