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Latest Minecraft: Pocket Edition Update Will Be Submitted to Apple Today


According to Mojang developer Johan Bernhardsson, version 0.10.0 of Minecraft: Pocket Edition should be on its way to you soon.

Bernhardsson tweeted that the eighth build of the new version was completed and should go to Apple for testing Tuesday. If approved by Apple it should be available for download soon, although it depends on Apple’s process so it’s not possible to pin an exact date on it.

The new version should be a welcome sight to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus users, as it adapts the game to work with those phones’ native resolutions.  It also adds a day and night cycle in creative, running water sounds, better lighting, a brightness toggle, bouncing animations for slimes and a lot more. You can read the full update notes here.

An Android version of the update is also in development and hopefully will show up soon.

[Source: Pocket Gamer]

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