Kid Gets Surprise Minecraft Room Makeover


Now here are some cool parents. When their son went away for a sleepover, they completely remade his room along a Minecraft theme.

The kid’s mom’s cousin, Azurite222, shared the room on Reddit. The kid who received it “flipped,” they said.

The kid’s mom broke down how she remade the room:

OK…everything in the room is painted or made by either myself or my sister, aside from the stuffies and the torches on the wall.

The wall was painted, and it took from about 7pm until nearly 6am, including measuring/drawing/painting the 8×10 grid. It’s by no means done freehand…every square was masked off.

The quilt is handmade. I’m a quilter, so I bought the fabric and cut out all the squares, then laid it out and moved them around until it was close-ish to the bed from Minecraft.

The chest is a basic wooden chest that I bought from Kijiji. I sanded it down and painted it myself. Again, a ton of masking tape and an entire day spent working on it in the basement (complete with a ‘Stay out of the basement’ sign).

Not pictured are 5 canvases that we painted (more masking tape). There’s a creeper, ender man, pig, Steve, and a sheep.

Hope that answers some questions… 🙂

That’s one lucky kid.

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