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Here Are Images From A Cancelled Minecraft Comic Book


It might’ve happened, but then it didn’t. At one point (specifically 2013) Mojang was interested in producing a Minecraft comic book series. The project was spearheaded by writer Brandon Sheffield, who worked on concept pages off and on for about three years. The main artist was Zac Gorman, who now works on the Rick & Morty comic book. Here’s how Sheffield tells it:

Just over three years ago, I began talking to Mojang about the possibility of doing a Minecraft comic. I had a story – very “Dragon Ball meets Adventure time”, in movie pitch terms, but set in the Minecraft universe. The aim was to expand the universe, and make something different, not to talk about “Steve,” or similar.

They were interested, but would need to see a proper pitch. I got together with the artist Zac Gorman, and we pounded our heads together and came up with a visual style, while I wrote a few rough pages. We put our pitch docs together — Mojang liked that too, so Zac and I made those sample pages.

At this point, we were in business, as far as everyone was concerned. We just needed to figure out the money, what the book would look like, how we’d sell it, and all that. Unfortunately, it was around then that Zac decided maybe this project wasn’t for him, so we were without an artist.

The next three years saw meetings, research, trials with new potential artists, and a lot of cold-emailing to folks whose visual styles we liked. We never found the right match to fit Mojang’s vision. I pushed to just get a publisher on board, and let them help us find an artist. Things seemed to be moving in that direction, when I found out the week before GDC 2016 that Mojang no longer wanted to go forward with the project.

I certainly didn’t work on this comic for the entire three years between then and now, but I did work on it a fair bit, so it was a disappointment for me.

The full story is told at Sheffield’s website. There’s no mention on which company would have published this book, or if Mojang would have self-published it. Perhaps the project never got that far. Check out the images below…..

mc_Concepts_01_V5 mc_Concepts_03_V2 mc_Page_01_V6 mc_Sketch_01_V5

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