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Image Teases Horses in Next Minecraft Console Edition Update


Horse Tease

Ignore the spider plush and squint at the bottom of this picture from 4J Studios’ Twitter. What do you see? Oh yeah, those are horses.

4J recently tweeted this hint of horses, which are coming in the console edition TU17 update soonish, although no exact release date is given. Eagle eyed people on Twitter and elsewhere also spotted evidence of beacons, horse armor, a hopper and maybe a Redstone block.

According to 4J, the next console edition update will get the console edition caught up to Java 1.6.4 version, which will include the Redstone Update, the Pretty Scary Update and the Horse Update, which would be consistent with this image tease and add a whole lot of content to the game including but certainly not limited to: scary mobs like bats, witches and the Wither boss plus items like beacons; lots of new redstone blocks and items for redstone creations; and of course horses, donkeys, mules, leads, hay and other horse stuff.

[Source: The Inquisitr]

Image from LockRikard’s deviantArt page

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