This Guy Created an Ender Dragon Farm


So, some Minecraft players out there build a house and kill a few mobs and make a few things. And some make incredible, obsessive, mad genius things. Panda4994 is clearly the second type.

Panda has built an Ender Dragon farm. He’s taken the process of killing what’s pretty much acknowledged as the main boss of Minecraft and automated it for easy XP. Panda’s process exploits a glitch in the game where the Ender Dragon’s death animation resets itself, but the automation of that process is by no means simple.

This is such a crazy idea that when Panda first announced it, he played it off as an April Fools joke. But it appears to be real.

Okay, so watch this guy put the scariest thing in Minecraft in an infinite death loop. I’ll be over here, building a house.


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