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Futurama’s Bender is Impressively Large and Shiny in Timelapse Build


Theoretically, propank wanted to bite Bender’s shiny metal ass, as the character always directs us to with his catchphrase on Futurama, but noticed that Bender is a fictional character and thus does not exist.

Normal people would give up and go do something else at this point. But Minecrafters don’t let reality get them down. So propank built an enormous scale model of Bender in his Minecraft world, named it after Bender’s catchphrase, then uploaded a timelapse video showing us how impressive the build was. Then, theoretically, tried to bite it.

The final Bender is 250 blocks high, contains 50,635 blocks total, and took 24 hours to build. You can download it at this link if you want to try to bite it yourself.

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