Dad Picks Up Minecraft For The First Time, Builds United Nations


Well, someone’s got natural-born skills. It just took him a long time to find that out.

There’s a new Minecraft creation that’s become a Reddit sensation, and it’s mainly due to the circumstances, though the creation itself is impressive on its own. Redditor officialvide enjoys playing in Minecraft, but his father never touched the game. One day Dad was curious, and asked if he could take a whack at brick-mining for a few hours.

When officialvide’s dad was finished, he had built the entire United Nations building, to exact scale. The measurement used is 1m^2 per block. This was his first attempt at making anything.

According to officialvide, his dad’s caught the Minecraft bug now, and his next project is Barbican Center in London. Check out some more renders of the building below.


united nations

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