Could Minecraft Soon Have Direct Competition From Lego?


The concepts shared between Minecraft and Lego are so similar one has to wonder why the Denmark-based company didn’t put together their own direct Minecraft ripoff before now. But it looks like they’re thinking about it.

According to this flyer discovered by someone on the Eurobricks forum, WB Games could be readying up to produce a Lego Minecraft-like game called Lego Worlds. Well, we assume it’s called Lego Worlds — the specific title isn’t mentioned, but Lego games never have any other word but “LEGO” in the front of their names. We also know this is for a video game and not for a playset because WB has no involvement in the production of the toys, and neither does TT Games, which is specifically a video game company.

WB Games already has in production Lego Dimensions, a title that borrows some elements from Minecraft but more from Skylanders and Disney Infinity. This project will be much closer to Minecraft, assuming all theories are correct. There has been no official statement from WB on this flyer. We will update you once we know more.

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