4J Studios Sneakily Shows off Vita and PS4 Versions of Minecraft


4J Vita Tease

It’s framed as an “innocent” picture of a bottle of rum, but one of 4J’s Studios’ latest tweets is also a cheeky tease for some highly anticipated console Minecraft releases.

4J, maker of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Minecraft, posted a pic of Perfect Dark Rum with the line to its Twitter:

Perfect Dark XBLA is on sale at 70% off just now! Perfect reason to finally open this 😉

In the background of the pic, though, is a Vita that appears to have Minecraft running on it. There’s also a TV with a picture of Minecraft on it and text that refers to the PS4. For good measure the picture also includes PS4 and Xbox One controllers.

No, it’s not a release date, but it is a fun reminder that they are working on these projects and builds anticipation that we’ll hear more soon.

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