More Than 47 Billion Views For Minecraft Videos


Sometimes it seems like Minecraft videos are a bigger industry than the game itself. A new survey shows just how big vids are, claiming that Minecraft videos have been viewed 47 billion times.

The data comes from a report by online video firm Octoly. According to The Guardian, Octoly claims more than 147,000 creator channels now exist showcasing Minecraft vids, racking up the 47 billion views.

Minecraft vids are three times as big as the next video hit, Grand Theft Auto, Octoly claims.

Of course, some channels are responsible for more of those views than others. Stampy, for example, was the third biggest channel in the world in September with 189.6 million views that month alone.

Mojang and Mojang’s new owner Microsoft seem to be cool with their brand being used in this way, realizing that the videos are a big part of the game’s success.

“We have a whole slew of people who are making their entire living just off making videos about Minecraft. Just the economics of that – how many people are making a living off this one IP – is pretty awesome,” Mojang’s chief operating officer Vu Bui told the Guardian.

“That doesn’t take anything away from us, and I would say it actually adds value to Minecraft, to have people who are extremely talented and creative doing things. We’ve essentially outsourced YouTube videos to a community of millions of people, and what they come up with is more creative than anything we could make ourselves.”

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