30,000 Kilometer Minecraft Minecart Ride Reaches Its End


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It took  JL2579 17 days to make it, but he has finally ridden his Minecart the length of an entire Minecraft World, about 30,000 kilometers.

After riding for so long with to relaxing music, JL2579 finally reached the Farlands and got out for a victory celebration and the last few meters of his ride, which you can see above. You can check out the last 16 hours of his stream here, skip ahead to the last few minutes to see the triumphant arrival.

The project was also a fundraiser, raising $1,749 for the charity Child’s Play.

This project was not a vanilla Minecraft world it was pre-generated, and precautions were made keep the cart from getting derailed. JL2579 explains his process

“I set up command blocks to clone a template bridge pillar in the spawnchunks in front of the last bridge pier when a minecart would ride over them. I also added some fancy overhang and Mountain detection to add tunnel segments when the track goes through an Extreme Hill. Then I let several instances of Minecraft run from different starting points at the same time with the help of some friends from zipkrowd, and together we were able to generate the chunks within few days.

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